MINDFULNESS is a practice of awareness development and self-knowledge that increases our potential as human beings. Silence, stillness, and relaxation create the bases for developing a stable and clear awareness that support us in our every day lives. The benefits of this practice are countless; reduces stress and anxiety, boost resilience, improve cognitive abilities, help the brain reduce distractions, develop attention skills... As a result, we can experience better mood, reduced fatigue, self-appreciation, better sleeping, even can affect positively on our general health.


EMOTIONAL BALANCE Increasing emotional awareness help people to better understand their emotional life, and thereby increase constructive and decrease destructive emotional engagements. Learning how to meaningfully attend to the emotional experiences between the self and others, coupled with mindfulness meditations and the practices of loving-kindness, empathetic joy, compassion and equanimity fosters empathetic and constructive interpersonal communication and more positive relationship with others and ourselves.


CULTIVATING EMOTIONAL BALANCE(CEB) integrates psychology and contemplative practices that can help anyone achieve a greater emotional awareness and balance. It emphasizes the development of meaningful happiness through connection to core aspirations and mental well-being through ethical, attentional, cognitive and emotional balance. Thus, cultivates a deep sense of ethical awareness and more authentic aspirations for genuine and greater well-being. CEB is being taught by teachers from over 21 countries and has been adapted for various settings including workplaces, schools, dharma centers, universities, hospitals, and more.


Hold workshops or regular meditation sessions in your work place, school, yoga or wellbeing studio, community center, home...

Because sometimes we can not accommodate our schedules to attend classes regularly or go to a meditation centre, we organize workshops in your work place, home, school, community center... Bring mindfulness and cultivating emotional balance where you are! Provide yourself and people around you the magic of some tools that help us to travel our day to day from an internal space of calm and peace.



We design workshops, courses or regular meditation sessions at work or in co-working spaces. Share with workmates the benefits of calm and peaceful moments for personal and group transformation


Providing Mindfulness for Teens and Young Adults facilitates them self-understanding and self-regulation, distraction, attitude, appreciation, and what it might mean to live a mindful life – one that is in alignment with what they value. Empower them to be agents of their own lives but also acknowledge that are social partners.


We help you to organize courses or workshops in your community center that may benefit to seek and cultivate well-being. It could be facilitated by mindfulness-based intervention supported by other well being activities and workshops related to the issues around personal and community transformation.


We can organize workshops, courses or regular meditation sessions at home or in other personal space . Share with family and friends the benefits of calm and peaceful moments for personal and group transformation


This project wants to facilitate ethical and emotional development by increasing awareness and empowering people and communities to seek and cultivate well-being. It would be facilitated by mindfulness-based intervention supported by other well-being activities and workshops related to the issues around personal and community transformation. We provide Mindfulness for Adults, teens and young adults, design workshops for specific needs like Non-Violence Communication, Prevention, Diversity, Food and wellbeing, specific for women or Young girls like understanding menstrual cycle, etc. Conkalma Project wants also to be able to provide these courses low cost or through concessions for those ones that can not afford them because of their circumstances, in schools, community centres or non-profit organizations. If you want to know more about it please CONTACT US!


Over the last 30 years, academic research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and physical medicine have documented the wide-ranging benefits of learning to meditate. With practice, mindfulness and emotional balance can serve as the perfect antidote to healing stress that can sometimes undermine our health, performance and quality of life, and can provide a sensation of relaxation. Indeed the evidence has shown that it can be an effective aid in the treatment of many mental and physical health issues, as well as generally improving our performance, relationships, and well-being.



Facilitator of Mindfulness, MBLC for Adults, MBLC for Teens and Cultivating Emotional Balance programs. Currently, studying an MA in Global Ethics and Human Values at King ́s College of London. On the process of being listed in the UK List of Mindfulness Teachers with the guidance and training of Mindfulness Association. I developed my professional career in People and Organizations Development, Leadership and Diversity with international experience for over eight years, in countries including Spain and China. I have been practising meditation and studying Tibetan Buddhism philosophy for more than seven years. This involvement increased my interest in the relationship between meditation, ethics and emotions. My main aspiration is to contribute to the people´s ethical and emotional development to become agents of their own lives and impact positively in their communities. After many years in Human Resources positions, I have shifted my attention to human development, meditation, and wellbeing. Over the last eight years, I have developed my meditation practice with well-known Tibetan Buddhist and secular Mindfulness teachers.


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Northbank Wellbeing Series. Mindfulness and new and/or future mums. How to accept body changes and bonding with your baby. At the Kings College London, Waterloo Campus, James Clerk Maxwell Building, Mon, 25 March 2019 13:30 – 14:30. Get your ticket and join me!! :). Organized by thenorthbank.london/northbank-events/mothers-and-mindfulness/.



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As part of the Wellness Day in the Royal Lancaster Hotel, Conkalma was providing meditation and Introduction of Mindfulness workshops.